What’s New at SIH

2015 Community Health Needs Assessment

April 29th, 2016:

What are the top three health challenges facing southern Illinoisans? Cancer, cardiovascular disease and its contributing risk factors of diabetes and obesity, and mental health. The SIH Community Benefits department recently completed its 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment. This in-depth, 18 month process involved surveys, interviews and deep dives into data to identify the most… Read more

Healthcare Decisions: Q & A

April 21st, 2016:

Healthcare decisions always seem too early, until it’s too late. At SIH, we understand the importance for your voice to be heard. Helping you complete advance directives earlier, gives you the opportunity to tell your loved ones what you would want in a serious health crisis. Why should people care? Because of the Health Insurance… Read more

Fighting Colon Cancer: Keep up the Good Work!

April 8th, 2016:

The nationwide effort to prevent colon cancer is making a difference, in large part to people like you, who have taken an active approach to your health. Since the mid-1980s, the colon cancer survival rate has been increasing for two reasons: More people are getting screened for colon cancer The treatment options have improved But… Read more