What’s New at SIH

Stroke: What You Need to Know

May 26th, 2015:

Sudden facial drooping. Weakness on one side of the body. Slurred speech. It’s a stroke, a brain attack, and time is of the essence. But for now, let’s use our brains to store a few things. 1. Stroke is not just for old people. You actually need to get the “it’s for old people” notion… Read more

St. Joseph Improves the Colonoscopy Experience

May 19th, 2015:

St Joseph Memorial Hospital staff just made the world of endoscopy, such as colonoscopy, a little more comfortable. A recent expansion/remodeling project was completed this March just as the United States recognized colon cancer awareness month. Endoscopy is the process of using specialized scopes with cameras to enter the mouth or the rectum to evaluate… Read more

Chronic Disease Self Management Program

May 14th, 2015:

Southern Illinois Healthcare is pleased to offer a new chronic disease self management program, Take Charge of Your Health: Live Well, Be Well, that empowers individuals with chronic conditions to manage their own care and improve their quality of life. Every day, millions of people with chronic conditions across the United States, and here in… Read more